DIY Blue Gradient Planter.

This blue gradient DIY planter idea shines bright in the perfect combo of cool winter colors, but brings that much needed greenery, reminiscent of the coming warmer months, into your space. It’s a perfect decor piece to bridge the gap between holiday and spring decor! Although it may look complicated, the technique to get this ombre effect is really quite simple. So much so, that you will soon find yourself recreating the look on every surface you can find!

Install amusing handmade lights and light systems to your garden to make your garden look beautiful at night. Just make the adorable tiki torches using recycled bottles and torch fuel, also make the glow in the dark garden planters and also make the hanging light globes for your garden. Check out some enchanting and amazingly creative samples given below in the list that are just breath-taking.

Things have really warmed up around here and when the sun is shining for so many hours during the day…it makes me crave having more living plants and flowers around the house — inside and out! I do have some pots that I have used year after year but I have been thinking it would be nice to change them up a bit.

So I rounded up some of my favourite ideas…..and I thought maybe some of you would like using some as inspiration too??

There’s nothing quite as creatively freeing as a good splatter paint sesh — especially when you’re crafting something beautiful for your home!

Supplies to make this gradient DIY planter idea

Montana Gold Spray Paint in Malachite, Malachite Dark, Reef, and Shock Blue Dark
Unfinished Ceramic Planter
Faux or Real Greenery


Begin this DIY planter idea by prepping your painting surface. You want to make sure you paint outdoors in a well ventilated space on a tarp or piece of cardboard. Then sit your planter upright on the surface. Begin at the top of the planter and spray a band of the lightest color paint around the top 1/4 of the planter. Be sure to keep the can about 12″ away from the surface you are painting to avoid drips.

Repeat with the next darker color and paint another band around the planter just below the first color letting the spray overlap onto the first color a bit to create the ombre fade.

Continue with the next two colors going darker with each band. Once you have painted all the bands of color, let the planter sit to dry for an hour. Once the paint is dry, fill the planter with dirt and your favorite plant, or take my approaching to having pretty plants all year long and just add faux succulents!

I am so in love with this DIY planter idea! The blue ombre is perfect for the cooler winter months and really pops against the greenery. If you want to take your crafting a bit further, once painted, try splattering the surface with white acrylic paint for a “snowfall” look! Now that is wintry perfection right there!

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